Women in the RV Industry – Meet Amber Selking on Show Segment 2021-14

My background actually started in the manufacturing world in HR right out of undergrad at Notre Dame and never thought I’d be back into it because I went on a journey of sport psychology and applied human performance psychology to really look at how do humans become the best version of themselves and how do we build systems that help them become the best version of themselves and really grow and flourish. And I really thought my world would stay in that sports space, but I had the opportunity and honor of having Jason Lippert, the CEO of Lippert Components, on my podcast and when we ended that conversation, he just made the comment, you know, “We could use someone like you in our business to help us continue on our cultural journey and maybe think about it differently than we have in the past.” – https://rollinontv.com/women-in-the-rv-industry-amber-selking-on-show-segment-2021-14/

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