Truma’s new VarioHeat Furnace on show segment 2021-21

I’m Jeff Johnston for “Rollin’ On TV.” When we started to spec out our new Palomino camper, filling out all the blanks on the ordering sheet, we knew that there were a few items we could improve on that normally come from the factory. Item number one on our list was the furnace. And in this case, the new Truma VarioHeat furnace is a high-tech alternative to the factory equipment. The only thing that gives you a clue on the outside that there’s something different going on is the combined air intake and exhaust port. And it’s made out of plastic; part of it is, anyway. And the reason they can do that is because it’s a testimony to the VarioHeat’s efficiency. Most of the heat is going inside the living space where it belongs; very little of the combustion heat is coming out through the exhaust. Read the rest here –

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