RV Mistakes (RV Living) PLUS EPIC GIVEAWAY: While driveway surfing with friends, I may have made another rookie mistake! I can’t believe I am still doing this after boondocking for almost 3 years! You think I would have learned by now how not to make these RV mistakes! We also have Today is Someday hats and we will be giving away a sweet Today is Someday guitar from Schecter Guitars.

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🔹 Guitar Giveaway Details: https://todayissomeday.net/hats-and-guitar
🔹 Today is Someday Hats: https://merch.todayissomeday.net/todayissomeday/shop/home
🔹 Veteran Tshirts: https://merch.todayissomeday.net/todayissomeday/shop/home
🔹 Donate to Homes for Our Troops: https://www.myhfotusa.org/ymrv?tab=Dashboard
🔹 Battle Born Batteries: http://battlebornbatteries.com?afmc=2e
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🔹 Schecter Guitars: https://www.schecterguitars.com/
🔹Share this link to help our Veterans: https://todayissomeday.net/hats-and-guitar

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🔹 Ohana Expedition: https://ohanaexpedition.com/

Giveaway Rules
1. The goal of the giveaway is to raise money for our veteran charity Homes for Our Troops.
2. There are multiple ways to enter.
3. The number of entries per person is unlimited!
4. You will receive an entry for every hat purchased.
5. You will receive an entry for every T-shirt purchased from our Veteran line.
6. After a hat or t-shirt purchase, you can increase your chances of winning by donating to the military charity jar. You will receive another chance to win the guitar for every $10 donated to Homes for Our Troops through the donation jar.
7. No purchase necessary to enter. You can also donate the You, Me & the RV Homes for Our Troops page. For every $10 donated from April 24th – May 9th, you will receive an entry into the giveaway for the guitar.
8. Hats and t-shirts must be purchased from April 24th – May 9th to qualify for the guitar giveaway.
9. $2 from every t-shirt and $1 from every hat purchased will be donated to Homes for Our Troops.
10. Must be 18 years or older to enter.
11. The winner will be required to give a mailing address to receive the guitar. This address will not be shared with any other party and will be discarded after the delivery of the prize.
12. The guitar can only be shipped within the US and Canada.
13. The giveaway and hat sales will close on May 9th, 2021, at midnight.
14. The Veteran t-shirt line will continue on the Today is Someday storefront but after May 9th at midnight shirt purchases will no longer qualify for the guitar giveaway.
15. Winners will be announced in a video on May 15th, 2021.
16. Production for the Hats and shirts will start after the campaign closes on May 9th. The estimated shipping date for most items is May 15th, 2021. The Today is Someday patch hat will take 10-14 days for production and will ship after production is completed.
17. Names collected will be used in the random name selector and will not be sold/given to any other party.
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20. Youtube Privacy Policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en

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🔹 MUSIC FOR THIS VIDEO: Musicbed & Epidemic Sound

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