RV Destination: Jerome, Arizona – Where to Camp in Jerome, AZ

Today’s story is about a unique small town at the top of Mingus Mountain. This is Route 89A. It goes up the mountain, lots of curves, twists, turns, switchbacks, not really recommended for big RVs. If you’re going north and your destination is Sedona or Flagstaff, you definitely want to bypass this mountain and take Route 17.

It’s a beautiful road. Motorcyclists love it, small campers can get up there. There’s one primary road that goes through Jerome and that’s Route 89A. From the North, you’re leaving Prescott Valley, Arizona, to go to Jerome. From the South, you’re leaving Cottonwood and we’ll show you that in a bit. – read more here – https://rollinontv.com/rv-destination-historic-jerome-az-mingus-mountain-and-cottonwood-az-on-show-segment-rollin-on-tv/

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