Proof of Covid Vaccine to be required by some Campgrounds?

The vaccines are being rolled out and the government would like to see everyone vaccinated but more and more rules are coming down the line. Required masks on all Federal property, required masks to board an airplane, to be on a cruise ship, to go to a theme park. But now for Campgrounds? That’s the way we start off this segment. Then it’s more words of caution for those who’re buying a new RV and you’ll learn who makes the most money at most RV dealerships and why. Would love to hear what you think on our 24-hour voicemail. We may even play part of your call on the show. Leave your voicemail at 1-330-Wingman (that’s 1-330-946-4626). To listen to the commercial free podcast of The RV Show USA syndicated radio show, click here:

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