Jeff Reviews the Coachmen Freedom Express Toy Hauler and Dodge Ram 3500 on Show Segment 2020 21

Toy hauler trailers are extremely popular today, and the Coachmen Freedom Express we tested with the Ram 3500 truck is a good example of that RV type. The Ram did its expected good job of hauling the trailer to Riley Ranch County Park. These new trucks have a lot of really fun features. But one thing about today’s modern pickups that I’m really a little bit puzzled about and all the manufacturers are doing it, they’re making the beds higher and higher. Now, I’m about 6’6, and if I have something I want to put in the bed like firewood, it’s a reach over for someone my size. Now, if you happen to be a normal size adult, a little bit shorter, this can be quite a chore. Fortunately, this particular Coachmen trailer has a solution to that. We have a really cool metal rack up here directly above the batteries that’s a cargo rack. Can be used to put a generator on there, just about anything. – Read the rest of the story right here –

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