Historic Haunted Red Ghost Of Quartzsite – Hi Jolly Tomb

Historic Haunted Red Ghost Of Quartzsite – Hi Jolly Tomb
QUARTZSITE, ARIZONA, IS A SMALL town with a thing for camels. The town’s welcome sign is adorned with camels; its graveyard is the final resting place for Hadji Ali, a camel herder for the U.S. military; and just off of the 10 freeway sits Georgette, a scrap metal camel with ties to a fascinating bit of folklore: Arizona’s Red Ghost.

In the 1880s, stories spread throughout Arizona of a giant red horse with a devil on its back. The Red Ghost trampled a woman to death, tore through a second campground, and supposedly flipped over two freight wagons at a third. At the scene of each event were signs of the creature: enormous hoof marks larger than any horse, and strands of red hair.

Stories of the Red Ghost rampaging all over the territory lasted for a decade until a farmer found it: a red camel grazing with the skeletal remains of a man strapped to its back. The camel was likely a straggler, released from Hadji Ali’s team after the government abandoned the U.S. Camel Corps. The Red Ghost mystery was mostly solved, though no one knows who roped the corpse to the camel’s back, or why.
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