Chill out DUDE!

Be A Better Camper (Episode 2115). If you think it’s time for the Wingman to chill, you may (or may not) like this short video message.

#BeABetterCamper #TakingOurCampgroundsBack

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The RV Wingman (Alan Warren) and his wife Lisa are Campground owners of Big Chief RV Resort in Central Texas. Their objective in doing these “Be a Better Camper” videos is to help maximize the enjoyment of the time you spend when camping. While the stories you’ll hear in this series are unique to this Campground, there are similarities that can be drawn with other Campgrounds and campers around the country. The Warren’s promise to not berate, or shame others. They do not “name names” to embarrass others. They do their best to not come across as whiners.

They tell the truth as seen through the eyes of Campground owners and their staff. They’re hopeful you may relate to some of their stories with the overall goal of helping everyone to “Be a Better Camper”.

“Be a Better Camper” is a production of The RV Show USA; the most listened to and talked about show on Radio and Social Media about the RV lifestyle.

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