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I’m Dr. Fitz. This is Theo. Today we’re gonna be talking about pet first aid kits. Most of us enjoy being able to take our pets on the road. We come prepared with their food, water, toys, leash, everything they might need along the way. But what if there’s an emergency? Do you have supplies with you to quickly care for your pet?

In this segment, I’ll be going over some of the items that you should pack with you to make a first aid kit for your pet. This list is not exhaustive, but it will contain items that you would need to help your pet in common situations. These items are also meant to provide care to your pet quickly so you have time to get them to a veterinarian. Read here – https://rollinontv.com/your-emergency-pet-kit-by-dr-fitz-on-show-segment-2021-14/


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